Weddings Q&A

1. How do we book you for our wedding?
Basically this is how it goes: -First we agree on a package that best suits your needs and budget.
-Then we will both sign a contract, listing everything in your package.
-Your wedding is officially booked once the down payment has been made.

2. And then what?
Then I would like to meet with both bride and groom to hear how far the wedding plans has come along. Some couples have already got everything in place, while some begins with hiring a photographer. Either way I will be happy to give you advice on how long things may take, during what time of the day is best for taking portraits, what locations and props to use. If we can't meet in person straight away e-mailing works great also. However I would like to meet with both bride and groom in person at least once before your wedding day. We will also do your engagement session well in advance. Since we will spend a lot of time together on your wedding day it is kind of nice if we know each other a little bit first! You will also get familiar with the way I work and feel more comfortable on your wedding day. With your engagement photos you could also have a guest album created or have the best shot framed and use at the reception! We will keep contact via e-mail, phone and meetings, as much as you like before your big day.

3. How far in advance do I have to book for a wedding?
As with all services for your wedding day, you want to book well in advance. Some book a year in advance and some within a few months. The summer season is the time of year when all photographers are really busy so the sooner the better. It is no fun when your big day is coming up faster and faster and you start to stress over not finding any available vendors!

4. Do you give discount for off season weddings?
Yes, October through March I give a $200 discount on any package!

5. I don't want the full day package. Do you offer anything else?
Yes, email me with details of when you would like me to begin and finish and the location of your wedding and I will get back to you with a quote.

6. Does all your packages include a disc with photos? And can I print from them or will they be watermarked?
Yes, all my wedding packages include a disc with all your images, free for you to use for print. They will not have watermarks on them.

7. Do you retouch my images? Do you charge extra for photoshop work?
All images will be processed individually, first of all color correction and contrast. Unless you tell me not to, I will retouch blemishes, red skin, shiny noses and do head swaps in groupshots if necessary. My motto is"why should only supermodels be allowed to be retouched and not regular people like you and me!?" However, if you request a lot of fixing including advanced photoshop techniques, I will have to charge accordingly.

8. What is your style of wedding photography?
One's style is always hard to describe yourself. It's best to browse through my galleries and decide for yourself! But this is how I would describe my approach; During bride and groom getting ready and the ceremony I tend to use the photo-journalistic style. I might ask you to dress in a certain place because of the light or look up at the camera but I'm mainly just trying to observe what is happening without interfering too much. During the ceremony same thing. I want your guests to remember bride and groom, not bride and groom and that annoying photographer! I try to be as discrete as possible. When we do your portraits we'll do a mix of traditional group shots with the bridal party and some fun candid shots and if you like a big group shot of all your guests. For the reception I am there to document everything that is happening, from receiving line to people partying!

9. How long after the wedding can I expect my photos?
I will post 20 images to your password protected gallery the same night or the day after. As I finish editing your images I will upload them to your gallery. Within 6 weeks they will all be done and your disc will be shipped to you.

10. How long does it take to get my album?
It depends a little bit on what kind of album you choose. It usually takes one week for me to design your album and make changes to it, but it depends on how many pages you choose and how many changes you would like done. The design is then sent in to be printed and this usually takes 4-6 weeks.

11. What does "one set" of changes mean?
After I have sent you a proof of your album, you have the opportunity to email me with any changes you would like!

12. What if I want to make more changes?
Any additional changes will be charged.

13. Can I order more copies of my disc?

14. Why would we hire a second photographer/assistant and who would that be?
A second photographer will give you more photos from different viewpoints and as an assistant during your portrait session they will help out with different lighting techniques and make the photoshoot go smoother and faster! I work with a number of colleagues,  please contact me for more details.

15. Can I change my package even after we have signed the contract?
Yes, I understand there's a lot to think about and that your plans can change. I will not book another session that day (or another wedding for that matter!!) so you can always change the start and finish times and also add an hour or more if you like. However you cannot change the package for less hours than first agreed upon.

I hope I have answered most of the questions you might have, but if I missed something please feel free to contact me!