Family/baby sessions Q&A

 1. How long in advance do we need to book for a family session?
Book your session at the beginning of the year, to be guaranteed a summer weekend session. Last minute drop-ins are welcome during weekdays. Your session is booked once the down payment has been made. For baby photos I suggest to contact me while you are still pregnant. A baby is the most sleepy during it's first two weeks.

2. What if it's raining or my kids get sick that day?
Then we will reschedule. I will call you in the morning of the session to hear if everybody will be ready on time. I can be flexible and we'll decide on a time around your kid's nap time.

3. What should we wear?
I suggest that you color coordinate your clothes a little bit. However that does not mean you all have to wear black shirts and blue jeans! I like bright colors! But in a group shot with many people it probably works better if everyone  wears something a bit more toned down, maybe earth tones with some bright accessories. In individual portraits, fun and bright accessories can really be an asset. Especially with kids and young adults. Babies look best in the nude! Or if they are also in the group photo, anything but white. The only thing I suggest you not to wear is shirts with big logos or bold stripes...unless it's your child's absolute favorite shirt! Your clothing should make you feel good and be comfortable! To wear layers also look really good in photos! For example jackets or sweaters on top or a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath, Feel free to bring an extra set of clothes and I will let you know what I think will work best for you.

4. Do we need to bring anything else?
If you have children who are 5 and under, bring a non messy snack and an extra set of clothes. You can also bring the child's favorite toy. When you book your session we will talk about props to use depending on location.

5. Do you have a studio? Or where can we have our photos taken?
All my sessions are done on-location. I have a few favorite places but I would love to hear your suggestions as well! During winter we still do the session outside. If it's really cold we will start outside and if we need more time we'll continue inside. For baby photos I will come to your house and with my studio lighting and props I will build up a studio in your home. This does not take up that much room. If possible I will use available light (light from a window).

6. What is included in the session fee?
Time and talent of photographer, travel expenses(within 45 min from Kimberley), digital color corrections and touch ups of all your photos and an on-line gallery from where you can order prints, albums, a disc with all your images and so much more!

7. When can we expect our photos?
As soon as I have finished processing your images they will be uploaded to your own password protected gallery. I will email you the password. All images will be done within 2 weeks and if you ordered a disc it will be shipped then as well.

8. How long does it take to get our album?
It depends on what kind of album you choose or if you get any other products. It varies from 3 to 6 weeks.

I hope I have answered most of the questions you might have. If not just give me a call or email me!